What's up gamers?

My name is Jack Lee Lomas and I am an up and coming 3D artist for video games. I have had a huge passion for video games since I was 3 years old. My dad gave me his PlayStation 1 and SEGA Megadrive when I was a kid as I was constantly asking him to play them. I and the consoles just clicked into place like we're made for each other.

I always wanted a career in the video games industry because I enjoyed playing them, I decided I wanted to become a game designer when I finished secondary school however, I was also good at music.

I studied music for 2 years but later decided it wasn't for me, I thought I'd try games officially and I have never looked back since. This is the career path I want to take and would love to spend the rest of my life doing.


As my skills and knowledge grew, I specialized in a specific area and 3D modeling, I enjoy creating masterpieces that I can feel proud of doing. Comparing to what I did a few years ago I think it have come a long way.

I'm starting to think to myself that I am almost ready for the industry

Bring it on!

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